Hiring/Interviewing Assessments


Igniter Talent is a talent assessment tool for discerning which candidates have the natural propensity for success in a fast-paced, commission driven sales environment. This goal is achieved through the sending and posting of links to your candidate inviting them to take the Igniter Talent Assessment. Next, you analyze the results and print off a set of interview questions from our robust Interview Report that is customized for your candidate based on the way they responded in the assessment.

In addition to the Quick View analysis after an assessment, a full detailed report on any assessed candidate can be purchased at any time right through the software for only $39.

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Hiring Made More Clear

Igniter Talent helps make your hiring process more transparent by giving you insights into your candidates behaviors and motivations before you interview. The process is simple: Send an invite to your candidate, they take the assessment, you analyze the results, then you interview. It's as easy as that! The assessment results give you clear insights, actionable insights, as well as Interview Questions prepared specifically for your candidate. The assessment is simple and user-friendly, and usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete.


DISC is a behavior assessment model based on the work of psychologist William Moulton Marston, which focuses on four distinct behavioral traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. Igniter Talent uses the DISC model in conjunction with the other portions of the assessment to help determine natural propensity for success in a fast-paced, multi-line insurance sales environment.

Natural Vs. Adaptive

In order to define a more comprehensive assessment, Igniter Talent scores both Natural and Adaptive scores. The difference can be thought of as how we behave normally (Natural), and how we behave under stress (Adaptive). Some people assess nearly the same in Natural and Adaptive, while others may assess very differently. This difference indicates that natural observable behavior may be very different when experiencing stress or behavior is being observed.

The 6 Motivators

The Motivators assessment model is based on the work of German philosopher and psychologist Eduard Spranger. These six basic motives are: Theoretical, Utilitarian, Aesthetic, Social, Individualistic, and Traditional. Generally speaking, a person that scores high in the areas of Utilitarian and Individualistic may tend to have less stress in a self-promoting, commission driven sales environment.

A Statistical Understanding

All of our motivations are observed and understood relative to those around us. Igniter Talent uses statistical analysis to break down each of a candidate's Motivators as a percentile, asking the question: If this person was at a party, how many people there would have similar motivations?

Sales Acumen

Sales Acumen is a powerful look at a candidate's self-perception as it relates to sales. This part of the assessment provides a critical counter-balance to the other portions of the assessment. Five areas of sales acumen are examined: Critical Thinking, Relevant Education, Body Language, Client Perception, and Persuasiveness. Together with the other assessment metrics, a clear picture develops of how the candidates view themselves in the world.


  • Unlimited Assessments
  • Email links direct to candidates
  • Generate links for job board posting
  • Robust analysis dashboard
  • Unique Interview Report for each candidate
  • DISC Behavioral graphs (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance)
  • Natural vs. Adaptive analysis
  • Motivators assessment (Theoretical, Utilitarian, Aesthetic, Social, Individualistic, and Traditional)
  • Relational and statistical reporting
  • The Igniter Success Score
  • Sales Acumen and self-perception questions


  • Discern candidates that are the best fit BEFORE the interview
  • Have effective interview questions generated for you based on their assessment


$49/month subscription

Includes unlimited assessments

Full report anytime for $39

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