As the core Agent training of the Igniter Total Experience program, The Igniter Mentor Group is everything you will ever want to know about running a profitable Agency, plus so much more. This intense course is over 30 hours of live training from the Igniter team, split into 2 sessions that take place over the course of the 90 day Total Experience period.

We go deep into the most fundamental concepts behing making your Agency more profitable, developing a killer sales team, advanced financial concepts, business planning, scorecard analysis, active vs. passive ownership, the hiring process, and much more.

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Core Concepts

We set the foundational concepts behind the PayIgniter system and why they are so important to your agency and your profitability. Go deep into why these concepts have proven to be the most vital component to profitable agencies around the country. We will address common myths that can have an enormous effect on your business. You will rediscover the TRUE wealth potential of your agency and develop new strategies for you and your team.

  • Where profitability exists in your agency, and where it doesn’t
  • How to use PayIgniter to coach and develop your current team
  • Attract superstar performers to your agency
  • The ins and outs of all the PayIgniter system offers in comp plan design
  • Assess your team members at a deeper level and how they work
  • Conduct meaningful, dynamic reviews with your team

Business Planning and Analysis

Establishing a clear business plan is an important part of any business. But is your plan alive? Is it a living, breathing companion that keeps you on a path? Is it easy to make course corrections along the way? Does it incorporate your entire team, including their goals and desires? We will delve deep into business planning, as well as helping your team members develop impassioned goals and dreams.

  • How to build living business plans in ProfitIgniter
  • Key profitability concepts when creating your business plan
  • How to help your team create their business plans
  • How to automatically generate comp plans in PayIgniter based on your business plan

Advanced Strategies

The Mentor Group will cover advanced Agency business strategies and will likely bring to the table many ideas for your business that you have never considered before. Get ready to really go to the next level and implement everything you have learned so far.

  • Out-of-the-box hiring methods
  • Active vs Passive ownership
  • Implementing the Sales Manager
  • Advanced financial concepts

Meeting Details

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Accommodations, meals, snacks and beverages are provided during meeting hours. Travel expenses (including travel to/from the airport) are your responsibility. Transportation to/from the hotel to the conference will be provided. No registration at the door. You must pre-register online. Sessions are limited to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 attendees. REGISTRATION IS LIMITED so please register soon before the next seminar fills up.

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2024 Mentor Group Training Schedule

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