Small Business Compensation


PayIgniter is a powerful compensation software that is designed to help small businesses inspire their employees to become entrepreneurially minded. In breaking the entitlement mindset that holds so many small businesses and their teams hostage, PayIgniter can help to make every day more profitable.

In addition to all the basics of tracking sales and commissions, PayIgniter includes many more features that enhance Compensation Plan design. With it you have the ability to stack multiple Comp Plans, create team override bonuses, deferred comp options, and track hourly employees with a full-featured Timecard. A PayIgniter subscription includes 8 users.

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  • Multiple Customizable Comp Plans
  • Agency Reporting Tools
  • Salary Validation
  • SuperStar Sales Projection Tools
  • Email/Phone Support
  • Office Manager Role
  • Salary Adjustment Calculator
  • PayIgniter Bank
  • CRUSH It
  • Excludability by Subtype
  • Scorecard Points at Minimum
  • Universal Triggers
  • Individual Triggers
  • Secondary Comp Plans
  • Tertiary Comp Plans
  • Team Override Bonus
  • Reverse Compensation
  • Deferred Comp Options
  • Hourly Timecard Option
  • Email Notifications


  • Total transparency in your Comp Plan
  • Complete control over Comp Plan design
  • Clear and concise reporting
  • Stop over paying for mediocrity
  • Consistency with Secondary/Tertiary Plans


$1,188/year annual subscription (or $129/mo)

Includes 8 users

$15/additional user per month

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