SalesIgniter University


SalesIgniter University is a dynamic setting that teaches sales concepts and techniques to close business. Come learn how to sharpen your conversations and achieve greater results. To develop and hone truly professional sales skills, you need the right coach. SIU is that coach.

SalesIgniter University teaches sales concepts such as The 9 Step Selling Process, Order-taking vs. Coaching, The 4 Questions of Life Insurance, The Belief Changing Business, Asking Questions Seeking Agreement, Term vs. Universal Life, Needs vs. Wants, The Theory of Insurance, and many, many more. The course is intense and immersive with constant role playing and critique with the Igniter Team.

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What to expect when attending

  • 4 days of the most intense sales training you have ever experienced
  • Learn revolutionary consultative sales concepts
  • Get immersed in The 9 Step Selling Process
  • Master The 4 Q’s of the Life Insurance Sale
  • Role play your skills until you can sell your product to the SIU team
  • Learn to size up clients for buying potential
  • Build a rock solid foundation in Igniter philosophies

What your Agency can expect

  • Gain team commitment to Agency goals
  • Sales and business growth upon team member return
  • A race in your office to answer the next ringing phone
  • Happier clients and more business that stays on the books

Client Testimonials

Team Member, MN

"I only wish I had one more day to learn more. It has put the entire sales process in perspective for me and I can’t wait to put it to use."

Team Member, OK

"Last night, when I got back to the hotel, I cried tears of JOY! This training is a BIG game-changer. Your hard work has motivated me to work harder AND smarter than ever before. I can’t say thank you enough!"

Team Member, WN

"The class has benefited me a ton with not only knowledge, but confidence as well. Thank you Dan and team for making it fun and really helpful. It supports my path to success!"

Agent, TX

"It has shown me that there is never a bad time to start using the 9 step process. I will now implement this in my everyday life! Loved the class, and of course Dan!”"

Agent, MO

"My Agency has officially been transformed! In the past 90 days I have sent my entire Team through SalesIgniter University. SIU was able to provide top-notch, cutting edge sales training to help my team dramatically improve their sales process which has directly impacted the dollars they've earned through PayIgniter. In addition, I personally attended SIU as the Agency Owner/Manager. My job is to lead daily sales coaching and keep everyone on track. Getting a front row view of what the Team learned was critical to help me 'talk the talk' so we can all 'walk the walk' together towards success. I learned the 9 Step Selling process and this has helped me keep the momentum going after SIU ends. If you are looking for a fundamental change to the core of your Agency's sales philosophy that generates sales results the week they return... SalesIgniter University is your answer!"

Team Member, MI

"This training has been the most intensive training I had ever experienced. I think every agent and all staff should go through. Dan was an awesome instuctor—funny and down to earth. Thank you Dan for this training, and making it fun for all of us!"

Team Member, AR

"Had started to use part of the process before class. Now I see how it ALL works together to help me make money! I believe getting rid of my baggage and using the new tools I will be extremely successful! Thanks!"


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Meeting Details

Accommodations, meals, snacks and beverages are provided during meeting hours. Travel expenses (including travel to/from the airport) are your responsibility. Transportation to/from the hotel to the conference will be provided. No registration at the door. You must pre-register online. SIU is limited to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 attendees. REGISTRATION IS LIMITED so please register soon before the next seminar fills up.

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