Empowering Your Sales Team


SalesIgniter is our On-Demand sales training software suite. This powerful tool brings the full force of the Igniter sales training process right to your computer for your team to study and practice everyday.

SalesIgniter teaches sales concepts such as The 9 Step Selling Process, Order-taking vs. Coaching, The 4 Questions of Life Insurance, The Belief Changing Business, Asking Questions Seeking Agreement, Term vs. Universal Life, Needs vs. Wants, The Theory of Insurance, and many, many more. Your subscription also comes with six 45-minute interactive coaching calls with the Igniter Strategies team to keep your team engaged and on track.

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  • Video-based sales training with Dan Sevigny
  • Six 45 minute Role Play Coaching calls with Igniter Strategies staff
  • Over 70 videos
  • Sales Conversations
  • Agent level reporting on team viewership
  • Access to SIU training videos from within SalesIgniter
  • Monthly videos updates and tips from Dan Sevigny and the Igniter Team
  • Interactive Role Play practice videos


  • A unified sales process for your team
  • A consistent experience for your clients
  • Video Engagement reporting
  • On-Demand training for new and existing staff


$2,388/year annual subscription (or $299/mo)

Includes six 45 minute coaching calls each year

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