SalesIgniter University 2

2-Day Life Insurance Role Play Intensive

SIU 2 is the sequel to the first SIU training class and the next level of understanding in The 9 Step Selling Process. The aim of SIU2 is to further enhance attendees WANTS conversations. This training is INTENSIVE Role Play with a rigorous amount of coaching and critique.

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Learn, Role-Play, and Level Up Your Skills!


Master the Conversations That Close Business

So what does the course look like?

  • Take the conversations from liability increases and new PLUP Policies to the desired 9-Step conclusion... Life Insurance!
  • We help the attendees identify where the wheels are coming off during their sales conversations, not allowing them to get to the next level.
  • If SIU is planning for the battle, then SIU2 is hand-to-hand combat! We put every skill to the test and keep working it until they get it right.
  • Learn the conversations, talking points and style that help make your message heard and more persuasive.
  • We have developed an intense library of robust scenarios that require them to tap into the toolbelt that was built during SIU.

Learn to handle:

  • The Call-in
  • The Walk-in
  • The Annual Review
  • The Pissed-off Client
  • The "I just want to think about it" Client


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Meeting Details

Accommodations, meals, snacks and beverages are provided during meeting hours. Travel expenses (including travel to/from the airport) are your responsibility. Transportation to/from the hotel to the conference will be provided. No registration at the door. You must pre-register online. SIU is limited to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 attendees. REGISTRATION IS LIMITED so please register soon before the next seminar fills up.

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