WIU is the next level of understanding in the The 9 Step Selling Process. The aim of WIU is to infuse the conversations learned in SIU with deeper financial planning concepts that lead to bigger Life Insurance cases. Don’t stop at being their "Insurance Coach", but go all the way to being their "Wealth Coach".

We are excited to bring you the most powerful, practical and accessible financial sales training course available. This class is geared specifically towards both Agent and Team Member who have been through SIU and are ready to take their consultative selling to a deeper, more professional and more effective level. We can’t wait to see you at WIU!

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Simple vs. Compound Interest, Time Value of Money, Retirement Planning Concepts, Word Tracks, and more...


WIU utilizes WealthIgniter's full suite of financial calculators for all the tools you need to facilitate
great conversations with your client. All in one place.


Dig deep into financial concepts and conversations that solidify your status as a “Wealth Coach”.


Build a step-by-step presentation using WealthIgniter's powerful calculators along with your own custom built slides.

So what does the course look like?

  • 4 days of intense training and software instruction.
  • Develop a deep understanding and ability to talk meaningfully about Opportunity Cost.
  • Help clients learn how to avoid financial losses by showing them the most common ways their wealth is eroding.
  • Learn the conversations, talking points and style that help make your message heard and more persuasive.
  • Dig deep into concepts and conversations that solidify your “Wealth Coach” status, such as:
    • Simple vs. Compound Interest
    • Average vs. Actual Rate of Return
    • The Law of Uninterrupted Compounding
    • Time Value of Money
    • The Latte Effect
    • The Financial Decision of Renting vs. Owning
    • Retirement Planning Concepts and Word Tracks
    • Tax Implications on Financial Planning
  • Expand on the “Spending The Death Benefit” conversation. Learn why it’s so important, how to really do it correctly, and how all the math works.
  • Get 90-days free access to the WealthIgniter software.
  • Learn the “Unlock Your Wealth Potential” presentation in WealthIgniter which will:
    • Quickly teach your client solid financial concepts
    • Help the client see you as their "Wealth Coach"
    • Lead to the Life Insurance sale
  • Learn the “Ideal Parking Place” concept and how to perfect the conversation to close bigger Life Insurance cases.

2022 WealthIgniter Training Schedule

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Meeting Details

Accommodations, meals, snacks and beverages are provided during meeting hours. Travel expenses (including travel to/from the airport) are your responsibility. Transportation to/from the hotel to the conference will be provided. No registration at the door. You must pre-register online. SIU is limited to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 attendees. REGISTRATION IS LIMITED so please register soon before the next seminar fills up.

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