Igniting Your Business Plan


ProfitIgniter is a business planning and Agency Analysis software built to keep you and your team intentional about every aspect of your business. ProfitIgniter helps you and your team build business plans, conduct team member reviews, and analyze your numbers. All these tools together help to form a comprehensive Agency strategy.

The ProfitIgniter software contains many robust business analysis features. With it you have the ability to conduct real-time Agency Analysis, build comprehensive business plans, design and build PayIgniter Comp Plans based on your business plan on the fly, and access the full suite of powerful profitability calculators.

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  • Real-time Agency Analysis
  • Complete Agency business plans
  • Production or income based Team plans
  • Business plan reporting/tracking tools
  • The Interview Calculator
  • Team Commission Calculator (TCC) Report
  • Agency Commission Reporting
  • Team ALP Reviews
  • Design and build PayIgniter Comp Plans
  • Powerful Scorecard Calculators
  • Four 45 minute coaching calls
  • Full Profitability Calculator Suite
  • Table 2 Revealed
  • The Lapse/Can Myth
  • What Makes You More
  • How much Auto does a Team Member cost you?
  • How should you be paid?
  • What’s your Auto Acquisition cost?
  • The cost of not hiring Superstars
  • Agency Wealth Potential


  • Accountability to a solid business plan
  • Transparency in production vs goals
  • Meaningful and recorded Team Reviews
  • Actionable data at your fingertips


$2,388/year annual subscription (or $299/mo)

Includes six 45 minute coaching calls each year

(Requires a PayIgniter Subscription)

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