What is the Igniter Total Experience Program?

The Igniter Total Experience brings together the very best of what Igniter Strategies has to offer. The program is designed to make powerful and lasting change for you and your team in just 90 days! This 90 days consists of:

  • Learning everything there is to know about operating a more profitable Agency
  • Intense sales training for you and your team that is proven to get real results
  • Access to all the Igniter software and tools
  • Coaching calls with a passionate, experienced team that will help you succeed

How do we do this?

The Igniter Total Experience is a robust combination of live training events, software implementation, coaching and analysis that will address every aspect of your Agency and give you a clear roadmap for greater success and profitability. Plain and simple. Take a look at some of the tools we have in our arsenal.

Agency Profitability Training

The Essential Sales Bootcamp

Complete Sales Training Follow Up

Total Compensation System

All-in Profitability Coaching!

Intense User Conferences

Video-based Sales Training Curriculum

Agency Analysis and Business Plans

Financial Planning Calculators and Tools

Hiring and Interviewing Assessments

Integrate Core Concepts

The core concepts you learn in our Mentor Training are essential to running a healthy, profitable Agency. Once you master these vital skills and actionable concepts you will have everything you need to make profitable changes in your Agency. Profit… Isn’t that why we got into this business? Absolutely!

  • Team Compensation and management concepts
  • How the all numbers work in your Agency contract
  • How to tune your business to true profitability

Build a Power-house Team

Do you have the right team? If you didn’t, how would you know? How are they held accountable? Can they be built into a Life sales power-house? How do you assess the right candidates to add to your team? Our coaching answers all these questions and sets your team on a path to success.

  • Build consultative skills with proven results
  • Learn an end-to-end process for every situation
  • Engage in intense role-play scenarios
  • Enforce accountability with coaching and follow-up

Sales Goals and Metrics

We carefully train your staff with proven techniques. But that’s not enough! We help them set goals and then follow up for several weeks after their training to make sure they are on target. We also schedule regular role-play coaching calls to help them sharpen their new skills. All this while providing the Agent metrics and feedback. What could be better than that?

  • Setting Goals
  • Sharpening their skills
  • Follow up
  • Accountability

Complete Software Solution

  • Incentivizing compensation plans and sales tracking
  • Business plans and Agency analysis tools
  • Sales training video library
  • Detailed hiring assessments and interview reports

Are you ready to take the next step?

Reach out and let us know